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Recent Projects

  • Provincial support for the newly introduced Integrated Forestry Project (IFP), including 23 Natural Forest Districts and the 8 Forest Regions

  • Support for Resource Road Systems (RRS), Status and Clearance Service Component (SNCSC), and Natural Resource Online Services (NROS)

  • Support for the Data Integrity Specialist Team (MOF)

  • Data Quality Reporting and Validating using Certify™

  • Phases 1, 2 and 3 of the Forest Tenure FTA Data Clean up Project (MOF)

  • Recreation Tenure Clean up Project (MTSA)

  • Forest Tenure Woodlot Updates (MOF, District of Quesnel)

  • Forest Tenure Roads Updates (MOF, District of Kamloops)

  • Conversion of Provincial Recreation Data to Current Standards

  • Creation of Fraser Valley Vegetation Maps (WLAP)

  • Mountain Pine Beetle Aerial Overview Maps (MOF)

  • Reviewing and Updating Community Wildfire Protection Plans(CWPP), including Emergency Wildfire maps and datasets

  • Grizzly Bear Orthophotography Mapping

  • Bighorn Sheep Herd Registry Mapping

  • Biodiversity on the Dominion Coal Block

  • Species at Risk Locations incorporating sensitive CDC data

  • Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park Habitat Mapping

  • Carbon Offset Reforestation Opportunity Mapping

  • Gypsy Moth Aerial Mapping (MOF)

  • Conversion of Forest Health data to a standard Provincial Dataset

  • Historical Garry Oak Ecosystem Mapping

  • Comparative Analysis of Historical South Okanagan Habitat

Office Building
  • Compilation of Land Survey Records for CRD and the Township of View Royal

  • GPS Mapping and inventorying of trails for the District of Saanich

  • Interactive Fire PDF Mapbook for the Township of View Royal

  • Webmap updates using Geocortex and ESRI, automated with FME scripting from Tempest and AutoCAD datasets for the District of Central Saanich

  • Thematic Streetmap with addressing for the Township of View Royal

  • Fire Response Time Mapping for the District of Central Saanich

  • Wallmap with a grid system tied to addressing for the Township of View Royal

  • Managing Community Resiliency Investment (CRI) datasets for every municipality in British Columbia

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